Thursday, 1 December 2016


DAY 2 (1st Dec 2016)


After check out we had our breakfast in the town and then proceed with our exploration of 
Sungai Lembing lead by one of our expedition member Cik Orkid.

Sungai Lembing is a tin mining town in Kuantan District, Pahang.The developed
in 1880s when the British set up the tin mining industry here and was closed in 1986 due to 
high operational cost and low yields due to world tin prices collapsed.
During their heyday they were among the largest and the deepest in the world. total tunnel
length is 322 km, with a depth of between 610 m and 700 m. (from wikipedia)


Mee Sungai Lembing

Jambatan Gantung

Muzium Sungai Lembing

A museum highlighting the tin mining industry was opened in 2003.
The museum is housed in an old bunglow once used by the mine manager.

From Sungai Lembing we continue our journey to Trengganu following the coastal route.
We stopped at Chukai to have a tea break at the famous Hai Peng Kopi Tiam Restaurant.
This is my favourite stopped over every time when I travel from Paka to Kuantan. 
I used to work at Residence Resort Paka, now knowns as Qamar Paka after rebranding.
After tea break we drive straight to Dungun and stay overnight there

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