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XPDC SOM TAM 2 ~ 2016

XPDC SOM TAM 2 - 2016 (PART 1)


Started our journey from Kuala Lumpur to Bukit Kayu Hitam. We arrive at the border around 7.00 pm and do the border crossing. Once we finished with the border crossing at Malaysia and Thailand CIQ. We stop at Danok to get our local telephone sim card activate and had our favourite dinner "Daging Bakar." After dinner we drove up to Songkhla and put up a night 
at Lake View Resort.

After checkout we went straight for breakfast at infront of  Heedaya Mosque at Khosan Road.
N 7.180570° E 100.616388°

After breakfast we continue our journey to Thale Noi Bird watching Bird Watching at Phatthalung using Route 408 and enter left to Route 4080 at Ranot Town which took us 
around 2 hours to reached there. Thale Noi was jammed packed due to the Bird watching and so we decided to continue our journey to Surat Thani.
Thale Noi - N 7.776586° E 123537°

As we were driving to Surat Thani Cik Gu Din's battery develop a problem so he decided to change a new battery for his car. We stop along the way and changed a new battery to his car.Stop for lunch at Thung Song PTT and continue our journey to Surat Thani.

Arrived Surat around 7.00 pm and when straight check in to Princess Park Hotel.
The room was 600 THB and the room was clean and comfortable.

Group photo with Hotel Manager of Princess Park Hotel, Surat Thani
N 9.102745° E 99.304061°

After settling our hotel bill we continue our journey to Hua Hin for our next destination. We stop for brunch at Khun Sarai Restaurant, Chumphon - GPS: N 10.580778° E99.115980°
This restaurant had a section selling Muslims food  and their specialty is Sop Campur. 
This restaurant also provide a surau  for a muslim to pray.

After our meal we continue our journey. Just few hundred meter after taking a u turn to Hua Hin we saw a big sign by the road side Jae's Garden House Resort - GPS: N10.571702° E99.1137704°  and decided to check the resort. It was a family running business and the rooms are build using a marine container. The owner took us for a room inspection and it was very well maintain and clean. Will try the next time if we stop for a night at Chumphon.

 We arrive at Hua Hin at about 5.00 pm and stay at Mountain View Guest House along route 4. In the evening we went Cicada Market thinking of having our dinner but unfortunately we cannot find any Muslim food there. I really fall in love with the set up of the stall concept selling various type of food. Just opposite of the road there are the night market but we did not go inside as we need to find a restaurant for our dinner.

 We met a group of Malaysian there and ask them about the muslim food and they tell us to go to Hua Hin Railway Station and opposite the railway station there is a muslim restaurant. We found the restaurant and had our dinner there. We met a group of Malaysian Kayak Team having their dinner there. The food was tasty and alhamdulillah the owner can speak malay as they are from Pattani. After dinner I stick my Yellow Cruiser Adventure's sticker at their wall. 

GPS: N 12.566983 E99.955023

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