Wednesday, 12 October 2016

XPDC SOM TAM 2 - 2016 (Part 2)


GPS: N12.503906 E99.9658 

After check out from the hotel we went straight to Rajabhakti Park, Hua Hin.
It is a themed park honouring past Thai King from Sukhothai period to the current royal house of Chakri. Rajabhakti Park means "the park that has been built with peoples loyalty to the monarchs." with the cost of USD 28 million.

After visiting Rajabhakti Park we then travel up north to visit Hat Puek Tian in Chaam. We followed route 4 then enter right to Route 4022 /4033. As we were travelling along the road we saw people selling sea coconut water and decided to stop and buy sea coconut water. Then proceed to Hat Puek Tian. as we arrived at the beach we saw a big giant statue in the sea. 
The statue was named THE BLACK GODDESS OF PUEK TIAN.

GPS: N 12.994656 E 100.033026

We arrived Ayutthaya safely around 1.00 pm. Went straight to the hotel and check in at Jidapa Resort. Very simple wooden structure building and the room was clean and well maintain. The hotel situated along the Chao Phraya River. We paid 600 Bhat for the room. We had a rest for a while before visiting Ayutthaya Historical Park. Later in the evening we went to a small muslim village across the Chao Phraya River. We found a small stall and had our dinner. While waiting for the food the ladies went to the night market behind the stall. The food was really tasty and cheap. In the evening we sat at the balcony and talk about our journey.

After breakfast we check out and continue our journey to Phetchbun. We follow route 32 and take right to route 11 and later we used route 3330 and turn left to route 21. We stopped for late lunch at Fania Coffee Muslim Restaurant along route 21 and its is about 65 km to Phetchabun town. I fully recommended this restaurant as the food was very tasty and the service and the service was fast. While we were ordering our food Cik Gu Din send his car to the workshop next door to check on his air cond. He need to change his air cond compressor and this had to take quite sometime as they need to order the compressor at Phetchabun. After lunch we had some rest inside the Coffee Lounge while waiting for the car to be ready.

GPS: N 15.91251 E 101.02638

We arrive at Phetchabun town and start looking for the hotel. We found the hotel along the way before entering Petchabun town. The name of the hotel is Sukjai Place and the rate was only 380 Bhat per night with a free flow of coffee and tea. The room was clean and the air cond work very well. After check in we went around town looking for muslim restaurant, unfortunately we cannot find one and we decided to go to Big C and buy some snacks. Went to the room and we cooked instant noodle for our dinner.

GPS: N 16.414389 E 101.143970


After check out from the hotel we went around Phetchabun town to look for a Muslim Restaurant for breakfast before continue our journey. We found it was quite difficult for us to find but we are lucky to met lady who took us to the muslim restaurant. Unfortunately that restaurant only sell nasi kumut and noodle. We ordered nasi komot and noodle soup. Then we proceed our journey to Khao Kho. The route was very winding and steep. I had to stopped my car half way as my car temperature rising. It happened that we stopped at Chattanooga Coffe shop. From here you can get a stunning backdrop of most verdant fields and forest. After a short rest we then continue to the top. Our first stop was Weapon Museum. The area around Khao Kho was once the scence of violent skrimishes beteween  the Royal Thai Army and Communist rebels. Continue further up we stop at Sacrificial Monument. We also stopped at several signed posted view point along the way.

Chattanooga Coffee Shop: N16.593461 E 100.959046
War Museum: N 16.603432 E 100.983362
Sacrificial Monument: N 16.615043 E 100.98567

We decided not to stay at Khao Kho so we continue our journey down to route 12. Just after taking left from the junction route 12 we saw a small resort on the right hand side. We stop to check the room and decided to stay for a night. The room rate was 700 Bhat. After check in we had a rest and later in the evening Cik Orkid and gegurl start preparing our dinner. The food was simple but it really open our appetite. 

Patay Sabay Home: N16.77952 E101.00650


Next morning we had our breakfast in the room. We had coffee and biscuit. After check out we went to visit the famous Route 12 Cafe. There I bought T Shirts and stickers for souvernier. Went to snap pictures and not forgetting to paste our Yellow Cruiser Adventure sticker. From there we proceed with our journey to Mukdahan and along the way we stop to snap some photograph. We arrive Mukdahan around 7.30 pm. Again we are lazy to go around the town so we decided to have Noddle cup for dinner.

Route 12 Cafe : N16.790853 E100.987529

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