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TOUR OF SIAM 2012 (6, 7, & 8)

TOUR OF SIAM 2012 (Day 6,7 & 8)

Tiger Kingdom, Chiang Mai - N18*55'29.0" E099*00'06.4"

Day 6
8 March 2012
Chiang Mai > Pai

Day 7
9 March 2012
Pai > Mae Hong Song

Day 8
10 March 2012
Mae Hong Song > Mae Sariang

On our way to Pai we spotted the TIGER KINGDOM and stopped to visit the place and tooked some pictures. The journey to Pai is winding, winding and more winding and climbing up hill all the way. Finally arrived Pai town at 2.00pm.There are resorts, hotels ranging from 5 stars to budget hotel.Gurl spotted a decent budget resort Baan Pai Village and cost only cost only THB350 per night. For a muslim traveller food Halal food is not a problem as there is a mosque in the town and some Halal Restaurant.

We continue our journey to Mae Hong Song. Along the way our car facing an overheating problem. We had to stopped about 1.5 hours before we start our journey. Along the way to Mae Hong Song we spotted a sign showing Nam Lod Cave. We decided to visit the cave and to our suprise that the cave is worth to visit and we really enjoyed. From there we proceed our journey to Mae Hong Song. Upon arriving at the town Gegurl requsted to stopped at the Chamber of Commerce of Mae Hong Song, for us to take our certicate of achivement for completing the 1864 curves.

Here we stayed at a small and cosy hotel - Pond Pong House (N19*17'36.8" E097*58'03.8"). Fully recommended. In the evening we went to the night market and do some shopping.

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