Saturday, 26 May 2012

TOUR OF SIAM 2012 (DAY 4 & 5)

120km more to Chiang Mai. Look at the background..... all the trees are dried or dead due to open fire.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012
Nakhon Sawan > Chiang Mai

Wednesday, 7 March 2012
Chiang Mai

We left Nakhon Sawan at 8.00 am to continue our journey to Chiang Mai. We noticed that the weather is hot, dry and hazy. Along the way we found a nice rest area (N17*50'45.6"E099*17'29.2") with individual huts overlooking the river. Here we cooked wanton tomyam and maggie mee. After a simple lunch we proceed with our journey and we noticed that as we travel further north, the weather is drier and the haze is thicker. We drove to the elephant training centre just to have a look but did not stop as there were a lot of people inside the training centre. We arrived at Chiang Mai late afternoon. Checked in at Li Lu Hotel (N18*46'53.4"E099*00'08.8") We were pleasantly suprise to see our room, nice and cosy. We paid THB650 for double and THB550 for single. The rate is inclusive of breakfast, free flow of coffee and drinking water. Next to the hotel is a massage centre, 7-11, launderette and it takes only 5 minutes to the famous night market. In the evening we went to the night market and had our dinner there. On the way back to the hotel we stopped for foot massage next to the hotel.

Today we start our Chiang Mai tour to SAA Paper and Umbrella Handicraft Centre. Here they show the entire process of umbrella making from start to finish. After the tour we went for lunch at Sophia Restaurant (N18*47'10.5"E099*00'06.4"), food was nice and I really recommend this place if you happen to visit Chiang Mai.Later in the evening we had 3 hours of pampering at Rest and Relax Spa. For dinner we had burger and chili dog at Orange Cafe (Halal) the owner having worked in Chicago for 23 years. This restaurant situated about 100 meters from Sophia Restautant.

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