Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ulu Bernam 09 - 10 October 2010

It was much awaited trip after Ramadhan and Hari Raya holidays and was sure a memorable one.

A large signage was posted prohibiting 4x4 vehicles to enter the usual route and we had to find alternative route to go in. Luck was on our side as we were given permission by the resort's owner to cross the river and proceed to our destination. The resort's participants watched anxiously as each of the four vehicles took turns to cross to the other side of the river. Some resort to capturing it on camera as each vehicle glided its way in the river to land.

The route was pretty much the same except for the overgrown lallang and shrubs, a sign that the route has not being used for quite awhile. The second river crossing was tough as it has a soft bank with boulders in the way. One has to carefully manoeuvre the vehicle to free of the obstacle and continue journey. There were no other obstacles until we reached campsite.

We were here last year but this time around, the place is unkempt. We still made the best of it and had a good time with the gang. One of our friends actually drove all the way from Penang to join the outing and he actually had a good experience......

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

KEMBARA - ASYIK KAMI PRIHATIN ("Kandek Sayeg Ma Nyob") and Asyik FM bonded together for community service of the Orang Asli at Pos Blau, Gua Musang, Kelantan. The objective is to donate food, improve education awareness, health and spirit of helping others.

We were given a rousing traditional welcome by the Village Head and villagers and enjoyed the "sewang" and groove to the music beat.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Endau - Rompin (Selai) Johor National Park, 14 Feb - 16 Feb 2010

Welcome signage
In conjunction with the chinese new year holiday, my family & I travelled to Endau-Rompin(Selai) Johor National Park for a 3 days 2 nights jungle adventure. The journey took approximately 4 hours from our place at Bangi to the campsite in Selai. We met up with Jazrin & family at the Management Office in Bekok, Segamat and other friends who were waiting to bring us to the campsite.
oil palm estatedusty road due to dry spellAfter registration, the four 4x4 vehicles, led by Jasin an Orang Asli, convoy to Lubuk Merekek Campsite located 26km from the office. The road is ok but very dusty due to the dry weather spell. The road will take you through the oil palm estate and re-settled orang asli villages.

Upon arrival, we saw other groups were already there but the campsite is big enough to accomodate all the vehicles. As usual, we setup our camp and relaxed as it was only about 4.00pm. The campsite is equipped with 2 cooking areas, a dining area complete with log tables and benches, separate common bathroom and a praying area. When we saw the river, certain part had a depth as it looked dark green and a shallow part for children to play in the river.

Pak Tunku arrived later in the evening, followed by another 5 more 4x4 vehicles and by nightfall, the campsite was like a festival. It was pure relaxation after dinner, talking and visiting friends at the other campsites. By chance we met our old friends 9W2JM - Pak Jani and his XYL 9W2ENA - Ena and their children.

Next morning after breakfast, my daughter and I along with Jazrin's family trekked to Lubuk Tapah Base Camp which is only 500 meter from our campsite. The Base Camp is also equipped with wooden huts, separate common bathrooms, kitchen and dining area.
We scout around and admire the surroundings. Jazrin and my daughter were busy taking photographs and found a suspended bridge. It was unfortunate that the bridge was out of bound for the public as it is faulty. By the time we walked back it was nearly time for lunch.

After a simple lunch, the children and families were lazing around and playing in the river. I went around the campsite and chatted with the crowd. Most of the groups left the campsite and by evening fall there were only 7 vehicles left. After dinner, we celebrated Jazrin's son birthday, complete with 2 cakes, ballons and even invited a chinese family to the party... The night went by quickly and we had a good night sleep.

Morning breakfast was heavy, my wife cooked nasi lemak and had french toast courtesy of Datin Gee. After breakfast, we cleaned, started packing and loaded our things into our vehicles. We convoy out of the campsite and headed straight to Jasin's village. When we arrived there, we saw ladies playing card while the men were welcomed us. We were given the honor to write in their guest book and each family pen a few words. We went round and at the back of one house, we saw a monkey and musang in a cage! Orang Asli gave Pak Tunku a fox (kept in cage) for him to bring back to JB. The kids were so thrilled to see the animals and they had a good time.
We said our departures with 4 vehicles heading back to JB and the other 2 vehicles back to Kuala Lumpur. I'm glad we made the trip and definitely will organize future trips to Selai. Appended below is the information on Selai with its tagline "Beyond The Ordinary."

please view ........
Selai is the western gateway to the Endau-Rompin, Johor National Park and has an area of 29,343 hectares from the total area of 48,905 hectares. Selai is the land of countless waterfalls, great and small are found inside the park and visitors will be amazed by their magnificence and get to enjoy nature at its best. Selai is special, there is a sense of adventure in the air, exploring a country as yet unexploited. It is a place where the spirit of wilderness thrives-where the forbidding becomes the beautiful. Best time to visit is between February and October. The park is opened daily and entry is strictly by prior booking only and certain fees to be paid. For more info, please contact the Management Site Office as follows;

Endau-Rompin (Selai)Johor National Park
No.8 Jalan Satria 1, Taman Berjaya
86500 Bekok, Segamat
Tel : +607-9222875
Fax : +607-9222576
email :
website :

Friday, 22 January 2010

Kerling 16 Jan - 17 Jan 2010

I brought friends, this time, to Kerling for the weekend with Jazreen leading a convoy of 10 vehicles. The weather was fine and the road trail was alright with no obstacles even with 2 river crossings.

My daughter droved the whole journey and tested her skill crossing the river and meandering the corners and she did pretty well. We had 2 choices whether to camp at Camp Aircond or go further up, a new spot founded by Jazreen. After recee, we found the new spot unsuitable and a bit cramp for the whole group and decided to camped out at Camp Aircond. We started unpacking and as usual setup the base camp first, followed by the kitchen area. This time around, we used 5 stoves to cook dinner and usually dinner time is always the best.

The weather is cool and by no time most of us were asleep EXCEPT for a select 2 who began talking until the wee hours of the morning and someone else joined them.. hem..hem wonder who? The kids were already swimming and had to be called for breakfast. After breakfast, we cleared the kitchen and packed the balance breakfast into plastic wares for consumption after swimming. With the packing done and loaded into the vehicles, we braved ourselves for a dip in the river. The water is cold and could see the kids trembling in the water but they are having so much fun and could not care less about the coldness. The adult males bathed vigourously and avoided staying longer in the river.

The trip down was easy but we stopped at Kolam Air Panas for Suhaimi to check his vehicle. The problem was detected and he will stop at the nearest available workshop, for re-checking. We headed to Batang Kali for lunch but Suhaimi went straight to the workshop. After lunch, we break convoy and said our departures to all and thanked everyone for the trip.