Tuesday, 21 July 2009


My friends and I were excited about this trip as we get to indulge good durian fruits as this is the season in Raub. My last trip to Lata Berembum was last year, 20 July 2008, also during the durian season. We stopped along the way for any last minute groceries and after a few kilometers, stopped by the roadside for durians. The gang loved durians, ate some and bought some for our dessert. Man BJ helped out to pick the best by sniffing and rattling the durians and loading them onto his roof rack.

Seven vehicles climbed up the steep and narrow slope, approx 10 km from the base. A new member Rizal driving a standard kembara (a memorable experience) had to go through several obstacles and of course, with assistance from the big boys. Rizal's kembara had to be towed because he landed on a boulder and also in a mud hole. After all the excitement and obstacles, we arrived early, setup camp, had late lunch and lotsa of lazing around. In the meantime, a big convoy from the Redah Club arrived and we are so lucky to get the campsite first. While waiting for dinner, some went swimming, chatting or just lazed around.

For dinner, we had a mixture of food - kebabs, baguettes, rice & dishes and for dessert durians...durians...durians. The guys were busy chatting their favorite topics over hot drinks. Rizal was anxious to know more about 4x4 vehicle to gain knowledge (he even brought photographs). He was busy photographing vehicles and the campsite so that he knows what to bring for his next trip. Weather was cold and most had their jackets on and everyone had a good sleep.

We had a hearty breakfast- french toast, baguettes, fried and scrambled eggs, sausages and fried rice courtesy of new comer kembara - Rizal. After breakfast, some headed to the waterfall and the rest bathed near the campsite. The water is cold and it took a good 10 minutes to get used to the cold water to bathe.

After bathing, we packed the last few items and start getting ready to leave the campsite. Hj Dahlan led the convoy out, followed by the rest and everyone is cautious going down. The jungle taxis were ever so kind to let us through the narrow and steep hill and there were several of them with their guests. On the way down, we managed to overcome the obstacles and looked out for the kembara. We took group photographs at the bridge for remembrance.

We again, stopped by the roadside to buy durians, to eat and bring home for the loved ones. Our friend, Suhaimi, had a tough time fighting the durian smell in his jeep and had to open all the windows. We stopped at Bentong for lunch and bade farewell as we are all taking different routes.

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