Saturday, 11 July 2009


This journey brought alot of memories especially my family and friends. We had an amazing journey and full of appreciation for the warm hospitality of the countries we visited. The photos I'm sharing speak for itself and are beyond words.......

All the places of interests we visited were wonderful and all of us had a great time exploring the places. Kanchanaburi is the historical place famous for the bridge on the River Kwai, is where the Death Railway stood. We walked on the railway track and the view from the bridge is just awesome and breathtaking. An old green colored train was seen passing through the railway with passengers. We just can't imagine how the workers managed to dig the limestone hill to construct the railway track, minding in mind that the tools were not as sophisticated then. Next we went to the World War II Museum and we saw how the POWs was forced to work as laborers for the railway track. It's sad to see much pain in their eyes and how thin they were (as depicted in life size figures) and their "home".

We left our sadness and headed to the Safari Park. We drove slowly into the park and looked around for the animals. There were 2 bisons (don't want to get near), monkeys, lions and others but the most hilarious was with the giraffes. We were allowed to feed bananas, and the giraffes were just waiting to be fed. Some had their windows halfway (feeding time) and the giraffes (trying to get the bananas) were licking the windows with their long tongue hanging in between... They had a hard time trying to ward off the giraffes from licking the windows and sticking their necks inside the vehicles. We could hear laughter and screams from every vehicle and that was real fun and hilarious.

After all the excitement, the next best and quite scary too, was to sit next to or touch a live TIGER for a photo shoot. This resulted in oohs and aahs from the members but the photo shoot was a breeze, a warden was there to oversee. We left the park with a mixture of feelings - fun, scared and hilarious and closer bonding amongst us.

The next place of interest was the Floating Market at Damneon Saduak. We were taken for a ride in a long wooden boat enough through the market and boy, they have everything there from, clothes, ornaments, souvenirs. We had an amazing time shopping from the boat and the drivers are skilled manoeuvring the boat in the busy market river.

We had to cross borders, Thailand at Chom Chom and Cambodia was Kapcheong. After finishing all border procedures, we continued journey to Siam Reap about 7.00pm. The journey was long and winding and we had to endure 200km of off road track. It was pitch black with 23 vehicles convoying and had to stop for our meal as the time was already about 2.00am. Finally we arrived at the hotel at 5.45am and all slumped to sleep. After much deserved sleep we headed to the historical Angkor Wat. We were so proud to have set foot and the ruins were so amazing. My daughters climbed the steep steps to the top and they had a good view of the surroundings. They found out that climbing down was harder than climbing up. Next was the place (tree with enormous root amidst the ruins) where one part of The Tomb Raider starring Anjelina Jolie was shot.

We had our dinner at the muslim community village and after dinner some of the members donated Quran, surat yassin and carpet to the mosque.

The next day we headed to Thailand. After crosing the border I was rushed to Surin hospital as I experienced shortness of breath and was admitted for 2 nights due to pneumonia. Our convoy friends visited us before continuing their journey and our two daughters were sad to leave us behind but had to follow the convoy. Pleaded to the doctor for release but on one condition, had to be re-examine by a doctor in Bangkok. We took an ambulance from Surin Hospital to Ubon Ratchathani (200km journey) and arrived just in time for our flight. We arrived Bangkok Airport and booked us the next flight to Kuala Lumpur. I ignored the instruction to be re-examined and remained quiet throughout the flight. Requested for a wheel chair once landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

At the airport, our friends were waiting and whisked us to the Putrajaya Hospital. I could remember someone helped with luggage, another wheeled me to the vehicle and off we went with the siren whaling followed by the convoy. I stayed at the Putrajaya Hospital for a whole one week.

My second overland trip was an experience and a memorable one and I'm glad I was able to organize more trips.

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