Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cuti Cuti Malaysia / Thailand 8 June - 13 June 2009

The recent school holidays, we went for a holiday at Paka, Kota Bahru, Kangar and Hat Yai. We started our journey early, about 6.30am to beat the Monday traffic jam. We arrived at Chukai approximately 10.30am and went around town. We stopped at the famous Hai Peng Kopitiam to enjoy their roti kawin with kopi O "kow".

Hai Peng Kopitiam - Chukai Half Boiled Egg with toast- yummy & Iced Coffee
We reached Residence Resort Paka 40 minutes later and stayed for one night. We took a ride around town and had fried seafood at Dungun. At a small Kerteh town, we had fresh & grilled oysters, oysters fried with eggs for dinner and it was simply marvellous.
OSYTERS-Kerteh Style
The next morning after a hearty breakfast we left for Kota Bharu which was about 4 hours journey. We have earmarked Penarik, a place overlooking the sea, for fried seafood . The food was good, the scenery relaxing and it was just very homey being in the east coast again.Ridel Hotel at Kota Bharu
We checked-in Ridel Hotel Kota Bharu in the late afternoon and took a nap after long drive. For dinner our friends bought nasi kukus (steaming hot rice)and we ate dinner at their bungalow. We had coffee and dessert outside at their lawn - spacious and relaxing environment.The next morning we went to the market (Siti Khatijah) to shop for batik and it is the same as before.....Vendors having a good time as it is the school holidays and people were everywhere bargaining..................!Batik materials Mummy counting damages
We then proceed to Kangar and along the way stopped at Changlun to collect our hotel voucher for New Seasons Hotel at Hat Yai and Thailand car insurance. We reece the town and later had grilled fish and fried squids for dinner. After a good dinner, we had a sound sleep to prepare ourselves for the next day journey.

The road to Wang Kelian is winding with sharp turns and it was challenging manoeuvring the road. We reached the border (Wang Kelian/Satun) to validate our passport and custom formality for our vehichle to enter Thailand and straight proceed to Satun town which is quite similar to Hat Yai. We reece through the town to look out for interesting places and eateries. We went around the market and proceed to Hat Yai.Amazon Cafe-Hatyai

We stopped at Amazon Cafe for fresh coffee and continued our journey to Hat Yai. We had lunch at Chekka which is famous for their deep fried mackerel with soya sauce. We checked in New Seasons Hotel and later went around as usual.

Nasi Lemak - HatyaiTeh Tarik-Hatyai
For dinner we had "Teh Tarik" and "Nasi Lemak" (Thailand Style) and went around again looking for things to buy.We went shopping at Bazaar the next morning and later in the afternoon we went to Robinsons. Normally during Malaysian school holiday, Hatyai will be packed with Malaysian tourists but to our surprise this time around Hatyai was very quiet. In the evening, we met Tok Janggut and Alfa Romeo with their families at the Hotel both families had just arrived from their tour of Southern Thailand.

Kerabu Kaki Ayam-ChekkaFixing the Hi Lift JackBefore leaving for Kuala Lumpur we stopped at Hatyai 4X4 to collect Hi - Lift jack which I ordered and then proceed to Danok for lunch. We cross Thailand/Malaysian border at about 5.00 pm and reached Bangi around midnight.

Yellow Cruiser-by night

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