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Off-Road Adventure at Kerling (23 - 24 May 2009)

After a long absence and due to the fact my vehicle was not ready, last weekend we went off roading in a jungle at Kerling, Selangor. 2 4x4 vehicles went in on Friday afternoon to block the place as it is a popular spot for off roaders. Luckily they did so, if not the rest of the group would not have a spot to camp for the night.
Group Photograph at Kerling
We stopped at Kerling for re-grouping, a total of 5 vehicles, I, Pak Mid-Pajero, Yee-Kembara, Ferom-Kembara, DJ-Hilux and Anak Badak-Suzuki. The journey itself took almost an hour to reach the campsite from Kerling. Just before entering off road track, all vehicles stopped to engage their 4 wheel but unfortunately I was not able to do so coz' I encountered difficulity engaging my 4 wheel. I was worried that without the 4 wheel engaged, I might not be able to reach the campsite especially when climbing up hill and going downhill.

Before reaching the first campsite, we have to check whether to use the bridge or the river to cross over, and upon checking, we found that the bridge was not stable and the only way was to cross the river. I was worried that our new friend, Yee might encounter difficultlities as it was his first time going off-roading and I was glad that he handled himself well.

I was amazed that despite with only 2 wheel, I managed to manoeuvre the mud holes and ruts without any difficulities and arrived safe and sound. In fact everyone was pleased with some "geli-geli" actions before reaching the campsite.

There was a total of 10 vehicles at the campsite, 5 came in earlier, Tunku-LC, Don-Pajero, Nurul-Kembara, BJL7-Kembara and Koy-Hilux. While setting up our camps, 3 more vehicles arrived at the campsite, Alpha Romeo-Landrover, Hasan-Frontier and Habib-Pajero. We said our hellos and everyone was busy setting up their camp and preparing dinner as it was already evening and we could hear the thunder.

Just then, another vehicle came in, Manja-Pajero with his 4 children just as Nurul and BJL-Kembara accompanied by Koy-Hilux departed from base camp as they had plans. After we finished with our chores, it started to rain and luckily everyone was under the tent ready to eat dinner (I brought kebabs to share with everyone). Halfway through dinner, another 2 more vehicles arrived, Rommel-Kembara and COQ-Kembara. They shared dinner with us and it was raining quite heavily. Couldn't do much work due to the rain, so all of us were just lazing and talking, breathing in fresh air.

Right after dinner, 3 vehicles, DJ-Hilux, Alpha Romeo-Landrover and Hasan-Frontier, left base camp and headed for home. We bade them a safe journey home and to take care while driving back.

Koy-Hilux arrived back at campsite about 9.30pm and related their experience driving back to base camp. Just before bedtime, another vehicle, YET-Kembara arrived at campsite and he too related how he had to steer his vehicle up the hill and manoeuvre the downhill slope due to the slippery road. Eventually, one by one quietly slipped into their tents or camp beds for a good night's sleep.
 Morning brief after breakfast
The morning was cool and misty, the ladies were busy preparing breakfast and the smell of food was circling the air. The kids were already in the river, screaming, playing and bathing, they were having a really good time despite the cold water.
underwater kids (kerling)
kids geared up for play in water (Kerling)After breakfast, the men talked and the ladies went about clearing and packing things. 3 vehicles COQ-Kembara, Ferom-Kembara and Koy-Hilux left after their breakfast as they had to be in KL by 2.00pm. Later, Tunku-LC and Don-Pajero departed about 11.00am as they had to rush Tunku's wife to the nearest clinic due to a wasp sting she had the day before.

My family and I went to the river (the kids were having a jolly good time) to take our bath and wow...the water's cold.

We played with the water first to tune to the coldness of the water and then vigorously splashed water nonstop on orselves. After a good bath, we dressed up and finished the last part of packing, loading and got ready for departure.
I aranged the vehicles in such a manner that the big boys will be able to rescue the smaller vehicles should the needs arised. Leadin the convoy was Manja-Pajero, followed by the rest, Yee-Kembara, Pak Mid-Pajero, YET-Kembara, Rommel-Kembara, Habib-Pajero and sweeper Anak Badak-Suzuki. I informed the convoy to be extra careful when climbing uphill and descending downhill due to the slippery road. So far the journey out was okay until we arrived at a stretch where the the road was really slippery and how good you controlled the steering wheel, it will just turn by itself. I could see the vehicle behind (YET-Kembara)"dancing" at the stretch and that was fun.....Luckily the rain stopped in the morning or else we would have encountered difficultlities getting out to the main road.

We reached the main road at about 2.00pm and went straight to a restaurant for a hearty lunch. After lunch we bade our goodbyes and break convoy.

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